Bimble Large - White

$42.95 $34.50

Brand Hoptimist

We believe that a smile starts with another smile.

We are in no doubt at all about why we’ve thrown ourselves into producing Hoptimists. Because the Hoptimists do something quite special. They bring smiles to people’s faces, joy and optimism.

The Hoptimist smiles at you and waits for your response. Maybe a smile back, perhaps a slight tap to get the figure moving. The Hoptimist repays you by bouncing up and down, powered by surplus energy. Just as you knew it would – just as it does every time.

We want to share this joy, the energy and a belief that anything is possible, with you. That is why we make Hoptimists.

Originally designed by Danish architect Gustav Ehrenreich from his workshop in 1968. The iconic design of the Hoptimist, the optimistic Bimble and Bumble, has won the architect several international design awards and most importantly a place in the hearts of Danish people. The Hoptimist is considered a heirloom and often gifted as nursery gifts, graduation gifts and special birthdays.

Material: Plastic

Size: Height 13.5cm by 10cm
Not suitable for children under 3