Blockade Game - 48 Pieces

Brand Blockade


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Outsmart, out-maneuver and outlast your opponent before it all comes crashing down with Blockade!

Blockade is a very smart looking Jenga type game basically.  It's for those who want something that would make a great dinning room table piece.  The remodeled version have a beautiful combination of light wood and dark wood.  With the added advantage of a stacking card to help get your pieces together faster for the next game.  Perfect gift for someone in the office, or that hard to buy for person.

Enjoy the classic game play of everyone's favorite stacking games now with a twist!

Team Blockade Includes: Easy set up block guide for quick and simple re-stacking. Spend more time playing and less time setting up! A lid that doubles as the playing pedestal - Play can begin as soon as you slide the box sleeve. Traditional rules of classic stacking games.

Bonus - Team Blockade has two colors of blocks, so you can divide into two teams with each team only pulling and stacking blocks of one color.

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