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Bunting Garland - Powder Pink


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Simple and very impressive bunting garland with shiny thread will give any interior a little fantasy touch. Seven triangular flags hung from the roof or window instantly transform your child's room!

Garland is available in colors with a choice of color thread. 

Available colors : white, mint, powder pink

Available colors of thread: silver, gold,

Length: 290 cm (+/- 2 cm)

Composition: 100 %  polyester 

Handmade in Poland. = { "settings": {"app_proxy":"apps/meteor","z_index":9999,"mobile_breakpoint":"","disable_at_width":"","max_generations":4,"vertical_offset":0,"mobile_vertical_offset":0,"css":"","external_fetch":false}, "theme": { "name": "Symmetry", "version": "3.0.7" }, "linklists": { }, "menus": [ ] } ; if (MeteorMenu.dataReady) { MeteorMenu.dataReady(); }