Cozy Nest, Balloon, Powder



New 2018 colour design

The Cozy nest will provide your baby with a safe feeling in the transition from mummy's belly to sleeping in the crib.

You can easily adjust the size of the Cozy nest by pulling the strings and the string stoppers assure safety approved string length.

Turn the Cozy nest inside out to get a new cool design.

String stoppers assure safety approved string length. Always place the nest on a flat surface. Do not carry your baby in the nest.

Material: Cover: 100% cotton. Oeko-Tex certified. Filling: Polyesther fibres & polyether foam mattress.

Cleaning: Cover and side filling is washable at 40 C, do not tumble dry, mattress can be handwashed.

Size: mattress 73 x 33 cm, pull the strings to adjust the size of the nest.

Age: 0+


Always place your baby with their head at the non-opening end.
Always place your baby on their back in the middle of the nest.

What shouldn’t you do with the Cozy Nest?

  • do not use it for co-sleeping
  • do not cover baby
  • don’t leave baby unattended in the Nest (especially when you’re sleeping)
  • don’t raise the nest, it should always remain flat
  • never place it on a high surface
  • never place it on a heated surface
  • to avoid the risk of suffocation, stop using the nest once your baby can move/turn from back to belly
  • don’t use additional mattresses, extra bedding or waterproof pee pads inside the nest
  • never use the nest for carrying your baby