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Fashionell Past Wall Decal Set

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Decorate the children's room with our wall stickers of dinosaurs and mamut.

Our wall stickers are printed on a vinyl that does not leave leftovers on the wall.


Contains 7 animals - 1 t-rex, 1 mamut, 2 pterosaurs, 1 triceratops, 1 parasaurolophus and 1 brachiosaurus.

Sizes: T-rex: 32x11cm Mamut: 13x12cm Pterosaurs: Large 16x10cm / Small: 10x6cm Triceratops: 20x10cm Parasaurolophus: 19x15cm Brachiosaurus: 20x25cm

How do you use them? Be careful that the surface is set up. The walls are wiped out of any dust and grease (eg from fingerprints). Attaches best to smooth surfaces and walls. When you put the subject where you want it, press the motif on the wall, the door, etc., carefully. Avoid fingerprints on the backside.

The subject can move a couple of times, but should be handled carefully.

Not recommended surfaces: Pure betong, cement, moving rubber and silicone-based paints.