Floral Bonnet for Medium Jellycats


These bonnets are for medium Jellycat bunnies and come complete with little ear holes.

We recommend that all Made for Mini clothing is washed by hand to keep it looking its best for as long as possible. However we also understand that life is hectic sometimes and hand washing dolls clothes probably isn't going to be the top of your to do list. So, if they do end up going in the machine please put them through on a delicate cycle in cold water, and if you absolutely have to tumble dry them then use a low heat. But throwing them over the clothes horse or popping them on the washing line is best. 38cm

All of our clothes are fitted to 21cm, 32cm and 38cm Miniland Dolls but they'll fit similar sized other dolls. Many of our 38cm items fit medium Jellycat bunnies and the 21cm items fit the small Jellycat bunnies.

Handmade by mum's in New Zealand.