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George the Elephant - Wild & Soft Animal Head Large

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As Rudyard Kipling once said, “The elephant’s a gentleman,” and this handsome fellow is a fine gentleman indeed.

Created by children’s design favourites, Wild and Soft, George the elephant is a charming young chap, ideal for cheering up your child’s bedroom interior.

Beautifully handcrafted at Wild and Soft's Beligan design house, each animal is moulded from a plush blend of high quality materials.

Abstractly produced to ensure unique personality, each animal head is distinctively individual, with no two animals being exactly alike.

Assembly is child's play as George has a subtle loop behind his head to hang him from a hook or pin on the wall with ease.

George’s large crinkly ears will add dimension to your space as his trumpety-trump trunk draws your gaze upward as you try to hold in the urge to trumpet your very own elephant call.

With his earnest and friendly face, George is the perfect companion to make your child feel safe and secure in the sanctuary of their own room and he is guaranteed to share years of friendship as he brightens your space in style.

width 50cm | height 50cm | depth 40cm