Glow Spooky Stickers


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The Original Glowstars Glow Spooky

Decorate your room, to glow at night!

235 x 155mm envelopes contain two or more sticker sheets all themed to spooky shapes.

Expose to a good bright light source for a few minutes, turn the lights off and watch them glow. In daylight the stickers are a very pale colour so will blend into light walls and be barely noticed.

This set features 11 skeletons, 17 skulls, 8 haunted houses, 9 bats, 7 spiders, 8 ghosts, 19 moons and over 70 star stickers.

The glow of Glow Stickers will be greatly increased if used with a blacklight bulb for extra eerie effect!

  • Self Adhesive
  • Approximately 150 Stickers
  • Size of stickers range from 3mm (stars) to 4.5cm (skeletons)

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