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Happy Little Faces Wall Hooks - Girl


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These happy little faces are great for expressing individuality in any bedroom. The individually made faces are handcrafted from plywood in Australia.

This gorgeous hook comes in either a blonde or brunette top knot ballet bun or bun pigtails. If you would like a custom colour please send us an email at and we can contact you before we place our next stock order.

Each hook is individually cut, sanded, primed, sanded again, hand painted then varnished.

Face measures: 8cm in diameter excluding hair.

Standard screw hooks can hold up to 5kg and comes with an anchor hook for screwing straight into plasterboard (if you can't find the stud).


  • Determine if the area that you are going to install the hook has a stud behind or not. If there is a stud, you are not required to use the wall mate and can screw the hook straight into the stud.
  • If no stud behind the wall, use the wall mate provided by screwing it into the plasterboard with a phillips head screwdriver. Screw it in so that it is flush with the wall. Then screw the hook into the wall mate and its ready!

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