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I Am Jellyfish

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A captivating bedtime story by award-winning picture book creator Ruth Paul, with luminous illustrations, language evocative of the deep blue sea - and a big surprise when you turn out the lights.

Chased to the depths of the bottomless blue,
What does a tiny Jellyfish do?

Jellyfish is quietly crooning in the shallows, when knife-nosed Swordfish swooshes, races and chases her, down, down, down, deep into the dark blue sea.

At that moment, stealthy Squid stretches a tentacle, tussling and tossing Swordfish in the darkness.

Who will help Swordfish? He makes a last wish...

Then ...

ON goes a light - it's Jellyfish!

This delightfully funny bedtime story by an award-winning writer and illustrator has a glow-in-the-dark cover for kids to discover once the lights are turned out.

By Ruth Paul

“ An impressive glow-in-the dark cover sets the tone for this luminous book about an unassuming little jellyfish who discovers she holds considerable power within. Jellyfish outwits predatory Swordfish by luring him into the darkest depths of the ocean. But when Swordfish encounters a predator of his own, Jellyfish comes to his aid and teaches him a lesson in the process. As usual, Ruth Paul's rhyming text is great fun to read aloud ("Swordfish slashed, Swordfish sliced, Swordfish dreamed of Jellyfish diced") and her striking illustrations are full of colour, contrast and movement. ”




January 29, 2018

Picture Puffin

Emma Wood, Otago Daily Times