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Fall down the rabbit hole and fall in love with these gorgeous girl's nude bow shoes with a velcro ankle strap.

Bow adornments are among our most popular details, and these extra-special Alice in Wonderland Ultragirls are perfect for Mini Melissa fans!

Limited edition exclusive Alice in Wonderland style in a matt nude colour with a white scallop patter and decorative bow. Cushioned innersole with unique Alice illustrations, comes complete in a designer storage box.

melissa is the original ‘jelly’ born in 1979 in Brazil.  For over 30 years the melissa label has been creating and designing shoes that are exported to all parts of the world.  melissa is made from PVC, which is especially manufactured by the Brazilian company Grendene in its plant in Brazil.  Researchers in its laboratory have already developed more than 70 formulations of PVC, thus enabling the company to produce injection moulded shoes of outstanding flexibility, comfort and design.

mini Melissa FAQs

Am I getting an authentic pair of melissa shoes?

We are an authorized distributor of melissa shoes.  All melissa items sold on this site are authentic products sourced directly from melissa in Brasil. Unfortunately due to melissa’s popularity fakes are available both on-line and in the retail sector (in particular the Vivienne Westwood styles).  The fakes appear identical to the real melissa’s (having the correct logos) however the quality is vastly inferior.  The fakes are coming out of China who simply do not have the technology nor the care factor to create pvc shoes to melissa’s standards.  

Are they hot – do your feet sweat?

Only the most comfortable and ‘breathable’ types of PVC are used. As is the case with all shoes, an important factor to consider regarding this question is whether the style being worn is appropriate for the season in which it is being worn. With the open styles, there is no difference between wearing melissa and a normal leather shoe. With the more closed-in styles, melissa ensures that ventilation is incorporated into the design of the shoe. melissa customers frequently wear the more closed-in styles during summer, for example Ultragirl.

Are they comfortable and do they stretch?

They are incredibly comfortable. The most common feedback we receive relates to how comfortable the shoes are. No one really believes this until they put them on – so get them onto your feet!  melissa does not really stretch – any type of give will be negligible.

Why do they smell like bubblegum?

A few years ago, to add to the melissa experience, the decision was made to infuse all melissa shoes with a sweet bubblegum smell. The smell will not last forever – but it does remain for quite a few months and is one of the most talked about features of melissa. Our customers love it!

How well do they last and how do I look after them?

They will last very well but obviously this will depend on how well they are looked after. They can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap. The cleaning instructions are on the bottom of the box.

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