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Wall Decals - Trees Small

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Our Tree wall decals are an all time favourite, and they make such a great impact on the wall.

So to add to that , we have created a smaller version of the Trees, weighing in at around half the size they look great on their own or mixed with a large pack.

Approx 4.5cm height

42 in a pack split over two sheets

Quick and easy to apply - simply peel and stick.


Using and Applying the Wall Decals

How do I apply the wall stickers?
Applying the wall stickers is easy and fun – you simply peel off the sticker, position it on your wall and smooth it over to make sure that it is perfectly flat against your wall.

The large single wall stickers are a 2 step process to apply.
1. Peel off the whole sheet and smooth over the design (tip: use a credit card to make sure it is flat)
2. Now peel off the whole sheet from the wall to leave the large wall sticker design looking fabulous on your wall!

How many packets will I need for a standard size wall?
All of our packets of wall stickers contain a generous amount to cover any standard size wall, depending on the look you would like to achieve.

How do I create straight line designs with the wall decals?
If you want to get creative and make a straight line of wall stickers the best way to achieve this is to use painters’ masking tape first to mark out where the stickers should be positioned on your wall. Check out our Tips & Tricks page for more advice!

Can I use the wall stickers on other surfaces?
Yes the wall stickers are also suitable for use on mirrors, windows, chalk boards, cupboards – most man-made household surfaces.

Removing and Re-positioning the Wall Decals

Are the wall stickers fully removable?
Yes 99% of the time the stickers will easily and cleanly remove from your wall.

Will the wall stickers damage my wall?
In cases where the wall has not been primed or painted properly there could be some minor damage to the paint surface. Our range of wall stickers use the very best vinyl product available on the market to minimise any damage to walls.

Are the wall decals easy to reposition?
It is possible to remove and reposition the wall stickers. The new range of wall stickers are easier to reposition as they are made with a fabric weave vinyl which makes it easy to smooth out any creases and bubbles. The glue contains a special bond which allows you to reuse the wall sticker once it has been removed from a wall.


How long should I keep the stickers on my wall?
You can keep the wall stickers on your wall for as long as you like however it is best to remove the stickers after a couple of years to prevent sunlight changes to your wall surfaces.

What are the stickers made with?
The wall stickers are made from an imported high performance vinyl which is designed for interior use.

How many wall stickers are there in each pack?
There are a different number of wall stickers in each packet, depending on the size and design of the product. Each packet contains enough stickers to cover a standard size wall.

What’s the difference between mini, small and large packets?
This relates to the size of each of the wall stickers. The mini packets contain the smallest size of wall sticker and there are more of them.

Is the finish on the Copper, Gold and Silver options metallic or matte?
The Silver Chrome and Gold Chrome wall stickers have a reflective mirror like finish. The Copper, Gold and Silver options are a metallic, matte finish. This image below should help - chrome is on the left.