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Wodibow Nanodonte Elephant

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NanoOlaf’s huge ears will surprise you, because apart from their size, they allow him to hear through walls. However, he can hear but he can’t speak, so you’ll have to interpret his gestures in order to know just what he's heard out there.


Click, clack: Our nanodontes move, and that’s because the blocks of wood they’re made of have magnets which, along with a small mechanism, allow them freedom of movement.

100% respect: We don’t want wodibow animals to become extinct, so in order to help them adapt better to their environment, we have made them with 100% natural materials.

Loving care: They’re the best exponents of their species because their pieces are made of solid wood, which have been sanded and smoothed and dipped in pure, 100% olive oil and beeswax.